Penta 1 Quart Black Flat Paint

A top quality, flat emulsion paint. It gives a long-lasting finish inside and outside, with a very good resistance to fungi and algae, and is easy to clean. Interior and exterior masonry surfaces, such as concrete and clay block work, asbestos cement sheets, cement rendered walls and ceilings etc. for interior use only on gypsum plaster and wallboard, and suitably primed metals, wood and building boards.

  • Good exterior durability
  • Quick Drying
  •  Very good resistance to fungi and algae
  • 1 Quart



Ensure that surfaces have thoroughly dried out, allowing cement rendered surfaces and cement-mortar pointing to cure for 4-6 weeks and poured concrete for 6-8 weeks The surfaces must be dry and cleaned free of all dirt, dust, grease, oil, wax, form oils, pointing compounds, fungal and algal growth, and other debris and contaminants. Fill any surface defects (holes, cracks, crevices etc.) with appropriate masonry / wood filler. Rub down with rubbing stone/ brick to remove all loose particles. Previously painted: Remove all loose, flaking, peeling and semi-adherent paint, sanding to a featheredge where necessary, and remove all contaminants, to obtain a clean, firm, sound surface. Fill surface defects as for new surface. Rub down smooth glossy surfaces. Coverage (Per Coat):  325-350 ft.2 /US Gal. per coat depending on porosity and texture. Drying Time: Touch: 20 minutes, Recoat: 1 hour.

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